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coeur d'alene casino - spa sskwa'q'n body treatments

Wonderful body treatments

Ssakwa'q'n Body Polish

$60/30 minutes

This full body, gentle exfoliation with richly nourishing products creates radiant and smooth skin. IProducts are customized for individual needs based on your intended spa journey.

Mountain Rain Shower Scrub and Wrap

$90/60 minutes

This rich mud scrub combines sweet, earthy notes of finely ground coffee beans and sarsaparilla with volcanic pumice and black silt clay to gently exfoliate the skin and remove impurities. This treatment features a vichy shower to melt away stress, stimulate circulation and leave skin smooth and radiant.

Nature to Nurture

$150/120 minutes

In this six part ritual body treatment the skin is nourished and cleansed, with organic milk, powerfully exfoliated with bioactive, peat enzymes and ripe anti-oxidant berries. The lymphatic system is stimulated with a mushroom and phytonutrient wrap followed by an ionizing mist to oxygenate. Close with a massage of rich arctic berry extracts, cypress and birch oils to increase circulation and vitality.

Wetlands Body Refiner

$90/60 minutes

This toning and slimming treatment refines the body contours and eliminates toxins. The treatment begins with body brushing to wake-up the skin, followed by a specially designed detox massage targeting stubborn areas of cellulite. A freshwater mud wrap firms and tones, leaving a slimmer looking silhouette and smoother skin.

Seasonal Body Treatment

$90/60 minutes

See our monthly specials for our seasonal full body treatment. This treatment starts with a full body gentle exfoliation, followed by a warmed mask. The body is wrapped to compound the effect and encourage the skin's natural radiance. A nourishing body oil or cream leaves skin feeling smoother and moisturized.