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Our luxury gift shop boutique

Hand & Foot Paraffin: $35
Eye Treatment: $15
Lip Treatment

Waxing services available upon request.

Lashes - Longer Fuller Darker

Professional, natural eyelash extensions! Have thicker, fuller longer lashes in about two hours! Lashes are placed one by one to blend with your natural lashes to create a beautiful natural look.

Full set of lashes $130
Fills $50 Fills suggested every 2-3 weeks.
Extra full, bold lashes $40 additional

Achieving the Ultimate Spray Tan

Before Tanning

  • Exfoliate your entire body.
  • Pay particular attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet. Dry areas tend to absorb tanning solution faster, which can result in an uneven looking tan.
  • Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior.

On the day of your Spray Tan

  • Avoid the use of deodorants, moisturizers, perfumes and makeup if possible. These may inhibit the effectiveness of the tanning solution.
  • Wear suitable tanning attire to your appointment. We recommend dark loose fitting attire to put on after your tanning application, minor rub off can occur. Disposable bottoms are provided. Other suggestions, a bikini for women and dark shorts for men.

Tan and After Care

  • Spray tan is a 5 minute process.
  • Your skin will feel dry to the touch. You will immediately notice a completely natural looking tan.
  • Tan will continue to develop over the next 5 - 12 hours. Avoid: long baths, hot spas, long swimming sessions and any product that is designed to exfoliate your skin.
  • For best results, avoid the following for the first 5 hours after application: Water, saunas, hot tubs, physical exercise/sweating, swimming and tight fitting clothing.
  • Your tan will last up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and tan care.
  • Showering the next morning is recommended. When showering do not be concerned is some of the initial bronzer washes off, this is part of the tanning process and your skin will continue to tan.
  • Keep your skin moisturized.