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coeur d'alene casino - Keno

Win up to $50,000 dollars!

Winning tickets from:
• 1-20 games are valid for 30-days.
• 21-games or more are valid for 365-days.
Play ten or more straight ticket games for 50¢ minimum or 50 or more games for as little as 25¢.

Play Way Tickets and Special Way Tickets.

Special tickets include:
• Edge
• Top
• Bottom
• Top/Bottom
• Left
• Right
• Left/Right
• Odd
• Even
• Odd/Even
• 8-Spot
• Sweet-16
• 20-Spot Specials.

Several other games are available including:
• Penny Keno, you can bet pennies and win up to $10,000 for as little as $1.20.
• Exacta Keno
• Golden Keno Ball
• Multiplier X Keno, win up to ten times the normal payout.

Keno runners have state of the art equipment that allows writing tickets and paying winners on the spot.

There is a user-friendly Keno Kiosk located in the Keno Lounge that walks you through ever step.

Watch you game on several monitors throughout the casino or log on to Keno Cloud to watch you games play or you can check past games, research cold numbers or hot numbers.